Club Pet TLC Au Pair' Clients Club Pet TLC Au Pair' Clients Coco Bella Run like the wind!!! 92330772 Genevieve A Papillion High Five for Mom!!! 92316933 Fozzie! Mr. Fozzman with the cool feet :) 92317160 Coco Bella Nice Water-spout! 92317047 Madison 15 year old Shih Tzu is going to out live us all! Sweet old man :) 92317095 Genevieve My favorite picture of our precious butterfly girl 92330775 Pool Puppies! Bailey Boy, Genevieve and Coco Bella hanging at the pool! 92317301 Hunter Ellis I think he is human!!! No really, he can talk!!! 92330774 Sleepy lil Bella and she can saw logs! 92373976 Yumm!! Pup-Cakes Genevieve' loves pup-cakes 107321185 Bailey Bryan my favorite halloween lab!!! LOVE THE TIE! 107323298 Butterfly ears! Age 17 months! Ears are coming in! 107321223 Pumpernickle My God Son and special friend of 13 years.....My first customer :) 107322726 Keeping the couch warm Hunter Ellis 107321402 Landon and Madison Going on 16!!! (the dog) 113679630 Blessing of the Beast 2010 Preacher Geoffery and the Grammer Family!!! 113679631 Brotherly Love 107321617 Sweet Dreams Sadie puppy Sadie sound asleep on Allie 113744686 Sadie the Beagle time to go for a potty break!!! 113744687 Fergie Fergie is fed, loved, walked and tucked in for the night :) 113744688 Fozzie Fozzie too is fed, belly rubbed, watered and tucked in for the night :) 113744689 Sweet Daisy Daisy is a sweet Shih Poo and is tucked in and ready for bed :) 113744691 Alyeska Beautiful! 114146866 Alyeska Just finished her Service Dog Training! 114146867 WELCOME TO CLUB PET SUGAR! My newest client! OMGosh she is a sweetie pie! Sugar loves her chest to be rubbed!! 122469646 Sugar T. So glad you joined Club Pet TLC Sugar. I soooooo adore coming to see you. See you soon honey! 122469645 Mid-Day Potty Break Good Girl Mia!! 115840811 Bella Todd Bella is my sweet tiny little client :) 115840812 Tucked in for the night Harlow "spaz" Dog 115840813 Sarabi my sweet Neighbor! Shiba Inu dogs are sooo cute. Love the curly tail :) 113749958 NAP TIME! Bailey just had his 1st weekly massage and he is out like a light! 117937408 Hershey is so handsome Nice Pose Hershey! 115840814 Pupmpernickle my oldest longest client :) 115840815 Happy Birthday Bailey PupCake for Bailey 115840816 Mia, Harlow, Bella and Mr. Hershey Christmas Card picture from my number one Clients!!!! Thanks for sharing Madison :) 116801272 Hunter Bruno Yeah! Welcome to Club Pet TLC Hunter! I think you are going to love our services! Now tell your Mom and Dad to go some where :) You are Pawsatively adorable!! 116925770 Bailey Bryan What a big sweet boy!!! 117937491 Bailey Bryan Just got me a massage from my Club Pet Masseuse' and boy do I feel great! 117937492 Miss Scarlet O'Hara Offerdahl Age 13. What a precious tiny sweetheart! She is sporting a Club Pet TLC Paw-ty hat at her sisters paw-ty! 119795826 Sophia Lauren Sporting her paws-atively fabulous boating outfit!!! 119796053 Miss Sophia Loren Farewell Mrs. Grammer! Thanks for delivering my Birthday Paw-ty Cake from Club Pet TLC! 119796199 Miss Sophia Loren Offerdahl Happy 1st Birthday Sophia! Enjoy your Beef & Bacon Layer Cake I made you! 119796200 Miss Sophia Loren Offerdahl Birthday Portrait 119796201 Teeks Morris Welcome to Club Pet TLC! I hope you enjoy your Easter Basket :) 122831698 Rue Morris OMGosh Rue honey, you are one massive beautiful creature! I can't wait to make your Easter Basket. I think I need to rethink the size :) 122831699 Rue and Teeks I bet Rue can saw some big logs :) Sweet Easter Basket Clients <3 122831700 ATLAS What a striking Hungarian Vizsia. Welcome to Club Pet TLC~ 124972360 JET Jet is a beautiful "tiger striped" retired Greyhound! Welcome to Club Pet TLC! 124972361 ALLI Alli is a playful Boxer! What a sweetie! Welcome to Club Pet TLC! 124972362 JAZZY Sweet Jazzy is a Papillion mix and is so smart and playful! Welcome to Club Pet TLC! 124972363 SUGAR Hey sweet Sugar! <3 u :) 124972364 SUGAR Sugar you put the Caesar dog to shame :) 124972365 CABERNET (cabbie) Cabbie after her first massage with the Club Pet TLC masseuse'. I think she liked it :) 124972366 MEATBALL Oh sweet meatball! I so adore your smoochie face! Welcome to Club Pet TLC :) 124972371 BOBO Bobo is a handsome Beagle with a lion's bark! Welcome to Club Pet TLC Mr. BoBo! 124972373 TICO Mr. Tico loved his Club Pet TLC Easter Basket :) 124972375 Taylor Fish Welcome to Club Pet TLC little fishies! 124972376 SCHNITZEL! Oh Mr. Schnitzie, I so miss you! What a fun week we had :) 124972377 SCHNITZEL THE SCHNAUZER My sweet Schnitzie client has the most beautiful grey/blue hair! Welcome to Club Pet TLC! 124972378 MIA Miss Mia is taking a tan today!!!! 124972379 RUE Rue the big Mastiff welcome to Club Pet TLC 124973605 ODIE Odie is a striking Bull Dog! What a gentleman :) 124973606 CHESTER Welcome to Club Pet TLC Chester! Chester is a Mastiff mix here for a wedding! 124973607 HENRY Henry is a polka dotted Bull Dog mix here with his brother Chester for their human's wedding! Welcome to Club Pet TLC :) 124973608 COCO Welcome to Club Pet lil Coco. She has the prettiest brown color! 126808846 SAMMY Welcome to Club Pet Sammy 126808847 SCOTTIE Welcome sweet Scottie! 126808848 MURRFIE BROWN Welcomet to Club Pet TLC Ms. Murf! You look pawsome for 14 yrs old!! 126808849 Sugar Hey honey! Sweet lil sugar cube!!! 126808850 ATLAS Atlas is a stunning Hungarian Vislia. He is amazing! 126808852 ALLI Hey Alli you sweet ball chaser you! 126808853 Adorable and Precious Welcome to Club Pet boys! I just love the Bichon Frise puppies! 126808854 BOB VANCE Welcome to Club Pet Mr. BOB! You take amazing pictures. :) 128210663 WELCOME BOB! I love Bob's big old feet. They are soo furry and soft. 128210664 TREAT TIME! BOB and SAPP sitting nice for their Au Pair' awaiting treat time! What good boy's!!!! 128210665 Welcome Sapp! Hello handsome Sapp! Welcome to Club Pet TLC! See you soon at the gate for treats!! Hehehehehe 128210666 Welcome Steeler! Hey honey! Lexie and I enjoyed taking you on walks while your humans were gone! See you soon :) 128211127 Atlas Riding in the Club Pet TAXI Atlas is my only Hungarian Vizsla! He is sooooo sweet riding in the Pet Taxi 128213153 Allie Pet Taxi transporting Allie from Doggy Day Care back home! Sweet girl! 128213154 Cowboy Roy Boy Welcome to Club Pet TLC you smart handsome boy! Roy Boy is in Guide Dog School! 128773959 Stevie Welcome to Club Pet TLC honey! I love your chocolate brown nose and coat! 128773960 RILEY MY NEW GOLDENDOODLE CLIENT! 130291806 RILEY WELCOME TO CLUB PET HONEY! MY FIRST GOLDENDOODLE 130291807 AXLE BIG BOY AXLE TAKING A POTTY BREAK! 130291808 AXLE WAITING FOR MOM AND DAD AFTER AU PAIR' CAME FOR A VISIT 130292309 LEXIE AND AXLE LEX RUNS AXLE FOR ME :) 130292311 BUGATTI AND VENTURI WELCOME TO CLUB PET TLC! THE LATEST FAMILY ADDITIONS TO THE GRAMMER HOME. SWEET 5 MONTH BISCHON FRISE' 130293153 SAMSON WELCOME TO CLUB PET TLC TINY LIL YORKIE! 130292312 BAILEY WELCOME HONEY! YOU ARE A SWEET YORKIE. 130292313 BOBO WELCOME TO CLUB PET MR. BOBO 130448825 LAYLA PUPPY MID-DAY POTTY BREAK! 130448827 LAYLA WELCOME TO CLUB PET TLC HONEY!! 130448828 ATLAS RIDING IN THE CLUB PET TAXI! 130448830