Welcome to Club Pet TLC

Au Pair' Pet Services Mid-Day Visits and Dog Walking Hotel Concierge' and Pet Taxi Paw-ty Planner & Bark-ery Holistic Pet Masseuse



Our Eco-Friendly Approach

  • We recycle all eligible containers and paper products used. This includes shredded documents. We meet, and exceed, the City of Pensacola's recycling requirements.
  • We have switched to biodegradable pet waste bags . These bags will decompose in 60-90 days, unlike traditional bags which can take decades to decompose.
  • We use Google Maps and TomTom or Garmin to minimize the amount of fuel that Au Pair' use to do their visits. This means planning pet visits close to where the caregiver lives, and minimizing the distances between mid-day walks.

"Our Pets are an integral part of whole-interacting    eco-systems"......